Juhannus on edennyt jo m/s Auran kyytiin, kohteena Rosala.


Link of the Day

Infinite Cat
A simple and fun idea. Cats looking at cats looking at cats looking at cats looking at... you get the idea. One of the basic computing idioms is that tail recursion can be expressed as a loop, I wonder how that would fit this example?


Day after tomorrow

Onhan siitä jo viikko, mutta en muistanut-jaksanut kirjoittaa heti tuoreeltaan. Elokuva oli visuaalisesti miellyttävä, aihe ajankohtainen, ja ohjaajana ID4stä tuttu Roland Emmerich. Jos et ole ID4ää nähnyt, niin hopi hopi, huvittavampaa uudehkoa viihde-elokuvaa ei heti tule mieleen. ID4n perusteella pelkäsin pahinta, ja täytyy myöntää, että yllätyin positiivisesti elokuvan tavasta käsitellä Yhdysvaltoja ja sen johtoa. Elokuvan sympaattisinta hahmoa esitti Ian Holm, syynä ehkä juuri Holmin sympaattisuus. Kaikenkaikkiaan varsin hyvä elokuvaelämys.

Still alive

I'm still alive, just haven't been in the mood to update the blog. Not much has happened, except the summer is closing in, the trees are green, the grass is growing, and there's pollen everywhere. This is a season when I'm especially happy not being allergic to pollen.
I've been looking at apartments lately, I've about had enough of living in a small one room efficiency, a two bedroom apartment with a decent kitchen and living room would be a nice thing to find. Since I'm not yet desperate, I'm also paying attention to the location and surroundings of the future home. I don't want to live in a concrete jungle, and I want a fairly well stocked store nearby, within walking distance. It should also have good public transport to downtown Helsinki, and to two of the company offices where I usually go.
These requirements pretty much limit my locations to Myyrmäki, Matinkylä, Leppävaara, and potentially Espoon keskus (not sure about this one yet). I was looking at Malminkartano and Kannelmäki as well, but for some reason I don't seem to like the areas enough to live there. Living closer to downtown Helsinki would be nice, but the 2BRs are pretty expensive over there, and you can't really have a separate home office in a 1BR.
I've almost found one, it was affordable, spacey, in a good spot and in a reasonably good shape (paint walls and get new kitchen cabinets), but unfortunately the building was in for a plumbing reconstruction, and had a good chance of containing asbestos in the insulation. That would've cost a fortune, so even if I could've had the apartment for 20% off, it still would've been expensive, as the repair costs would come too late to be included in the mortgage.
So, the search continues.