The blind can see

It works! giving an old image of the M31 for the solver yielded a quick positive identification and a nice annotated version showing the objects discovered.
After a few tries I managed to compile the current development version of the astrometry.net blind solver and with a few tweaks also the annotation component under Cygwin. Now I can start working on the interesting projects of plate solving based polar alignment and plate solved goto refinement as well as make preparations for future gallery entries with nice lists of objects and suitable metadata.


200mm f/3.6 Leitz Elmaron test

Got a lens to be used for guiding, so I had to test that the old piece of glass is still in a drawing condition. This stacked 5 frames of 5s each was taken thru pouring rain, and processed a bit to enhance local contrasts to enable inspection by human eyes and normal display devices.


M101 first light

M101 first light
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First test imaging was done in a bit of a hurry and by surprise, thus nothing worked and polar alignment was off by a mile. I'm still waiting for the filter wheel, thus didn't spend too much time trying to get guiding working, although it's clear I should've done so. But after all, the SXVR-H18 seems like a decent camera despite some rather dissappointing features, mainly the CCD distance from flange is a too long (around 24mm!) to allow using a filterwheel with SLR optics for widefield imaging.


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