Herkkua on siinä monenlaista

Yule has arrived, but unfortunately I've been too busy to write anything for a long while. Finally I had a few minutes to upload pics of the gingerbread house and the fancy Imperial Star Destroyer ham.

The house is a bit deformed, the dough spread a lot in the oven and it was so soft it had to dry up for a week, but now it's up and seems quite stable. The roof was a bit ambitious yet it works, it is a carryover from the gargantuous project plan of making a gingerbread mansion over three times larger than the current building.

The (half a) ham came out of the oven this morning and looks too much like Imperial Star Destroyer to let the similarity go unnoticed.

So, "Onnellista ja oikein hyvää joulua!" everybody *<:-)