Between seasons

The nights are getting darker earlier and earlier, and the weather is getting cold. The season for weekday golf is nearly gone, but the skies are just getting to be dark enough for astrophotos. So, what to do when it's raining and thundering? Can't go out and play, nor can you go out and look at the stars. The obvious answer is, of course, to build more gadgets and fiddle with computers. I guess this blog is an attempt to waste more time instead of doing anything that should be done, like cleaning up the house. I've tried to write a blog some times earlier, but it never really caught on, mainly since any reason to write one has been of a seasonal nature. Hopefully this time the two main activities overlap sufficiently and have enough things to write about, so I can keep this alive a bit longer thanks to the advances in mobile communications and real-time reporting options when it happens where it happens.