Home roasted coffee

Well, it's better than I expected, despite the very fast and hot roast. Freshness also brought problems adjusting the grind and tamp for a good extraction, and I still haven't really figured them out with a good repeatability. But overall I find home roasting coffee turning into an interesting hobby, the coffee already is pretty much on par with commercial beans. And as green coffee can be stored for weeks, even months, the possibility to have a variety of different coffees is very tempting. Roast a batch in the morning, and you have a fresh roast of new blend coffee the next morning, but you're not stuck with gulping tens of cups of it in a few days. Just roast another small batch of another coffee and you're all set again.

It's very difficult to get a consitent roast, as it happens extremely fast. Hopefully the arriving winter will lower the temperatures so I can get a good, slow roast. The nights are already below freezing in the northern Finland, so it shouldn't take too long for the cold to get here.

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