NGC7000 - LBN354

NGC7000 - LBN354
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Oh well. If it can fail, it will fail.

Not sure if anything went smoothly tonight, first I went almost off-the-road then got nearly stuck on the hill to the imaging site. When there, the scope shelter was buried in a foot of snow and the locks were frozen. Finally I got almost everything assembled, simply to realize that the power-cord from the transformer to 12V distribution block was left home. Luckily I found one in the nearly warm cabin, so it was time to fire up the gear. Velcro glues peeled off the mount in the -20 temperatures, and I had to fetch a rope to tie the distribution block to the mount. Quite soon it was obvious that nothing worked perfectly, so park the scope, dis- and reconnect all wires, restart applications and everything seems to work nicely for a change. Except, when focusing I noticed that the shutter isn't fully open on all of the frames. Tried a few longer exposures and the same thing continued, the upper half was more likely to go all the way off-sensor, lower half got stuck one third the way down. In six hours I managed to get 30 minutes of botched luminosity instead of targeted 3+ hours of LRGB data.

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