IC5068 H alpha

IC5068 H alpha
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The weather hasn't really played along with astrophotography as a hobby. It rained almost non-stop for almost two months and the nearly rainless days and nights were completely overcast. The clouds thinned out enough to shoot thru for a hour or so, even then it was a 3/8 cloudy sky.
I wasn't certain what I'll get for this target, the chart showed emission and dark nebulae as targets, so I decided to take a look. It's a bit larger than my FOV, so framing was a compromise to get the interesting filaments in view. Does it look like a bat to you too?

Via Flickr:
The IC 5068 sits below the North-America and Pelican nebulae, it's a fairly large emission target with many dark dust filaments (AFAIK) about half way between the nebula and us.
Narrowband H-alpha, 3x 20min exposures.

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