Morning Latte routine

My morning lattes are starting to reach consistency, except I'm out of the beans I've been using. Today I made a 50:50 mix with last of the Italian wood roasted beans and reasonably fresh Robert's Coffee Caffe Brutal. I've had some problems tamping the Brutal, it is a much darker roast than the Italian, and I think it needs a finer grind. The only problem is that the Paros grinder is at the current minimum setting, so I guess it's time for maintenance anyways and tightening the grinder a notch. I've ordered a Reg Barber tamper last week, and now I'm thinking of ordering the Silvia steam wand and then try to fit that on Paros, as the built-in turbofrother makes a lot of foam, but no chance of microfoam, and without the turbofrother nozzle sleeve the wand is just too short to reach into the milk.

Above is a photo of today's latte. Please try to ignore the horrible attempt at latte art, the milk was nowhere near microfoam, and the pitcher I have lacks a defined spout for precision pouring anyways. But the taste was pretty good, and the mouth feel was slightly velvety, so must be doing something right. Even I can't expect consistent perfection within 2 weeks of first homemade espresso :-)

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