Neat gadget

TomTom Go 700

Another departure is the inclusion of a 2.5gb hard disk within the device, previously all maps were held on external SD cards placed in the go's memory slot, now the 700 will ship with full street level maps for the whole of Europe ready to go removing the need to change cards and load maps as you drive between countries.

Sounds nice, and it also functions as a BT handsfree device. I wonder how much it will end up costing, and what the availability really is. There's a nice spot about the right size on my car, and this would be a pretty decent and definitely a welcome gadget. The 500 -model has a more limited map, bound to a region, plus major European roads, and doesn't come with the remote control as standard. But then again, I don't drive too much outside Finland, and the remote might not be really necessary, so the 500 could be good enough if I could afford even that one.

It's a shame that cool gadgets don't cost >5000€ so I wouldn't even have a remote chance, but stuff in the sub-500€ range are too close to be actually affordable, and therefore they are too tempting, but still a bit much most of the time.

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