Waiting for the summer to arrive

It's already July, but judging by the great outdoors it feels more like early April. In fact, early April was warmer and sunnier than July so far. But that's enough about weather. This year I reached my first target at golf, lowering my handicap below my age before my age rises above my handicap. And I did it with many days to spare. After that goal was reached I've been more or less stumbling around the course. My second goal seems a bit far away, although it's mainly a mental target - to enjoy any round of golf on any course I play.

The first goal had to be celebrated somehow, that much is pretty obvious. I was originally thinking of getting a new set of clubs, but then again, the current ones are still in a pretty OK state and a good stroke on those is a good stroke. So I got myself something complete different: a trumpet. Although I knew playing a trumpet isn't easy, I had no idea it could be this hard. Two weeks on and my abs are feeling the crunch from the breathing practices. I guess that's also messing up my golf swing, as the timing does seem to match perfectly and on every stroke I do seem to have a bit of trouble holding a good form during a swing.

Oh well, once I get the abs back in a better shape it can only mean one thing: one possible excuse for a bad swing is lost.

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